Que Sera Sera .


My dear Girls Generation .
No matter how many of you choose to stay until the end as Girls Generation's member i will still proudly say im a Sone . Thank you for giving such sweet memories to me . Thank you for bringing so many happiness . Even there is only one of you remain as Girls Generation, i will still be a Sone .

安慰安慰考完试的自己 💁🏼


Having fever + sore throat + final = jiayou 👍🏼👍🏼 Sick wont stop me from running towards 3.5 🔥

Everyone is different.
I may not understand you and you may not know me that well too.
Once you turned your back at me , I may not approach you anymore.
I am really timid with strangers.
I really appreciate those whom step forward and willing to give me some times.
I am trying to improve myself.

final mode on

First day of final 💞 All the best.

Waiting for lunch while fighting with it . Jiayou

My dearest boys who coming back today , Good Luck ❤️